Proven and established leading provider of mission critical services to protect the nation’s most sensitive facilities, infrastructure, and personnel.

DECO, a subsidiary of IDS International, is a proven and established leading provider in the security industry. We bring more than three decades of experience in the staffing, training, and management of specialized security and counterintelligence service to the highest levels of national security. DECO is able to use this knowledge to provide a comprehensive solution to fit each specific need. DECO focuses on reducing the vulnerabilities, while ensuring the safety and security of critical facilities, infrastructures, employees and visitors.

We provide a professionally trained, protective security force capable of trusted services from armed and unarmed security guards, to security consultation, to customized security solutions.

Protective Services

DECO is a proven and trusted provider of turnkey integrated security solutions, from high threat environments to complex, multi-site security programs.  We provide armed and unarmed security services to protect personnel, facilities, property, and infrastructures. Our professionals focus on reducing the vulnerability to criminal and terrorist threats, while ensuring the facilities are safe and secure for employees and visitors.

Core Services:

  • Access Control Points

  • Aviation Security Management

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Fixed and Mobile Security

  • Maritime Security

  • Quick Reaction Force Training

  • Secure Courier Services

  • Security Management

  • Security Officer Training

High-Threat Protection

With over 30 years of experience providing security services in every type of situation, including in austere and complex environments. Our licensed and trained specialty staff are experts in counter-terrorism, counter-surveillance,  special operation units, military, and law enforcement.  Our personnel specialize in threat assessment, mitigation, reduction, and deterrence to ensure the safety of the mission. 

Core Services:

  • Executive and VIP Protection

  • Security Advance Teams

  • Counter-Surveillence Teams

  • High Threat Risk Assessments

  • Sensitive Facility Security

Security Assessments

DECO provides comprehensive, customizable security risk and threat assessments to the U.S. government, state and local agencies, and allied nation governments across a broad range of functional areas. Our assessments involve a systematic review of people, processes, and technologies to create a viable and sustainable solution.   Our services also include mitigation plans and training programs to prevent future vulnerabilities.

Core Services:

  • Event Security Risk Assessment

  • Facility Threat Assessment

  • Risk Mitigation Management

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Security Audits

  • Security Program Planning & Implementation

  • Personal Awareness Training

  • Specialized Training

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