We protect some of the world’s most critical facilities, often in the world’s most challenging operating environments

DECO, an IDS International subsidiary, is one of the leading providers of construction surveillance monitoring (CSM) services and has been awarded over 115 CSM projects spread across five continents, often in austere and challenging locations. Since 2002, we have been providing cleared surveillance personnel, site security coordination personnel, and counterintelligence personnel at overseas and domestic construction sites.

DECO’s security component provides a continuous, high level capability to deter, detect, assess, delay, prevent, inhibit, and neutralize threats. Our personnel provide access control, deter the introduction of unauthorized materials to the site, surveil the activities of uncleared construction workers, prevent the implantation of clandestine surveillance devices or systems, and provide escort security duties to ensure the integrity of construction cargo while in transit.  Typical positions include:

  • Cleared American Guards (CAG)
  • Cleared Escorts
  • Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST)
  • Site Security Coordinators (SSC)
  • Site Security Manager (SSM)

DECO has provided CSM services in 81 countries throughout the world.

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