The importance of a comprehensive security program should never be underestimated. Our experts help to identify risks and provide a clear approach.

DECO, a subsidiary of IDS International, is a trusted security provider. We have over 30 years of industry experience, giving us expert knowledge in the development of dependable and cost-effective security programs. We provide our clients with a full suite of comprehensive solutions ranging from consulting, security program development, risk, threat and vulnerability assessments, security guards, security training, to special event security management. We partner with our clients to develop a customized solution to enhance their capabilities.

Customers Supported:

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Construction Industry

  • Energy Sector

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Healthcare Industry


  • Hospitality Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Maritime Sector

  • Property Development & Management Industry

  • Transportation Sector

Security Assessments & Training

DECO provides security risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments to organizations across range of functional areas. Our assessments involve a systematic review of people, processes, and technologies to create a viable and sustainable solution for your business. We follow a four step process to ensure we not only identify the risks, but we also provide you the tools and training to ensure each risk is mitigated and the capacity to manage future incidents.

Step 1 – Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities

Step 2 – Mitigation Plan – Tailored Solution

Step 3 – Training and Exercise Planning

Step 4 – Execution

Armed & Unarmed Security Forces

Ensuring your facilities and personnel are properly protected can be a daunting task. DECO brings decades of experience in the staffing, training, and management of specialized security and counterintelligence services to the highest levels of security.  We are a proven and trusted provider of turnkey integrated security solutions, from high threat, sensitive environments to complex, multi-site security programs.

Our professionals focus on reducing the vulnerability to criminal and terrorist threats, while ensuring your facilities are safe and secure for your employees and visitors.

Core Services:

  • Access Control Points

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Executive/VIP Protection

  • Fixed and Mobile Security

  • Quick Reaction Force Training

  • Security Program Management

  • Security Officer Training

  • Staff Training

Special Event Security Management

Preparedness is key when it comes to planning for special event security in any environment. For DECO, the process of successfully securing special events begins with strategic planning  and understanding the dynamics of the venue itself.   Our experts provide an event security plan which identifies all of the risk factors and the unique aspects related to the event, facility, and overall situation. Once we have this comprehensive plan developed, we are able to manage the resources, logistics, and operations of the event. 

Core Services:

  • Advanced Teams

  • Consultation Services

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Liaison to Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Traffic Control

  • Escorts

  • Security Force Protection

Vital Installation Security

Backed by vast experience protecting vital facilities across the globe, DECO is able to use this knowledge to provide you a customized solution that is scalable to your business needs. DECO focuses on reducing vulnerabilities, while ensuring the safety and security of your employees and visitors. From security assessments to armed and unarmed security to first responder capabilities, we provide a comprehensive suite of offerings that are customized to each specific location and program mission.

Core Services:

  • Armed & Unarmed Security
  • Construction Surveillance Services
  • Counter Surveillance Solutions
  • First Responder Services
  • Security and Risk Assessments
  • Surveillance Detection Training
  • Training and Exercise Planning & Execution
Counter Surveillance Services

Our counter surveillance services begin with a thorough threat assessment to identify your vulnerabilities.  Special attention is given to the uniqueness of your facilities and personnel.   Our experts will detect bugging devices, technical counter surveillance threats, and provide mitigation services to ensure the protection and safeguarding of your facility, sensitive information, and prevention of threats and attacks.

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