DECO, a subsidiary of IDS International, has extensive experience delivering a vast portfolio of turnkey solutions that are adaptable to meet our customer’s training, security solutions, and specialized mission support services requirements wherever they are needed in the world.  We utilize our global footprint and deep pool of experts to design highly functional and economic approaches for highly complex requirements.

We support industries ranging from U.S. and partner nations’ governments, to militaries, to law enforcement agencies, the construction industry, transportation companies, as well as to the energy sector.  We provide these customers with integrated, tailored services ranging from counterterrorism training at the tactical, operational, and strategic level necessary for our customers to address its exposure to both domestic and international terrorism, to protecting some of the nation’s most sensitive facilities around the globe, to austere and remote location logistics support, DECO understands the intricacies and uniqueness of each mission.

 We utilize our global footprint and unique pool of experts to provide innovative approaches for highly complex, mission-critical programs.


We leverage our broad capabilities in government sectors to provide a range of security solutions to commercial customers worldwide.


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