Erica Skinner Receives 2019 Excellence Award

Champlin, MN (December 16, 2019) – DECO Inc., a global provider of training, security solutions, and specialized technical services is proud to announce that its first annual Excellence Award was given to Ms. Erica Skinner for her superior performance and dedication to DECO and its mission.

Erica started with DECO in 2008 as a Program Coordinator on an armed security guard contract for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.  She is currently serving as the Operations Manager for DECO’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (GATA II) Training Services contract.   Over the past 12 years, Erica has proven to be one of DECO’s most valuable, dedicated, and motivated employees.   Her importance is evident by what her coworkers had to say in their nominations:

“She continuously goes above and beyond her job duties and has become an integral part of keeping the company running smoothly.”

“She has been indispensable.”

“Always on top of any actions that need to be done.”

“Exceptional employee and dedicated 100%”

“I have ALWAYS found her dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual.”

“She is always up for the challenge and there isn’t anything you can put on her plate that she won’t be able to handle.”


Congratulations to Erica on this well-deserved award!  She is a true example of exemplary leadership and our commitment towards a new way of thinking and working.  Her outstanding work ethic, loyalty, forward-thinking, and commitment to excellence are an example to all.

About DECO:   DECO is a privately held global provider of training, security solutions, and specialized technical services to clients throughout the world.  Since 1986, DECO has supported programs at the tactical, operational, and strategic level worldwide often in challenging environments. They bring a flexible and adaptable organizational framework to reliably deliver global support to countries and organizations worldwide. DECO’s performance in the field and our operational focus on making the complex appear simple is further supported by our organizational diligence that allows us to apply innovations that support long term sustainability, to maintain continuous flexibility in our delivery approach, and to focus all their energies on properly scoping, planning, and executing. Their personnel excel in challenging environments where every action demands strict accountability, situational awareness, and unique knowledge applied from years of leadership.

For more information:
Stephanie Magyera Semanko, VP of Marketing