DECO Awarded Department of State Office of Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA), Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation (TCSI) Curriculum Update Contract

Champlin, MN (October 1, 2019) – DECO Inc., a global provider of training, security solutions, and specialized technical services to clients throughout the world was awarded the Department of State Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) , Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation (TCSI) Curriculum Update Contract.   DECO will be responsible for provide Subject Matter Experts along with  Instructional System Designers to complete the curriculum update tor the TSCI course.

Established by Congress in 1983, the Department of State’s ATA program is the U.S. government’s premier counterterrorism training and equipment provider for specialized police units in friendly foreign nations.  ATA is responsible for providing training and technical assistance to enhance the capabilities of the police and security forces of our partner nations to better predict, prevent, respond to, and mitigate terrorism.   

TSCI is a two-week course that provides law enforcement personnel with the skills required to document, collect, and preserve evidence using crime scene procedures that meet international forensics standards. The training utilizes lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and practical exercises to develop or enhance the skills required for competent crime scene investigation to include terrorism-related incidents. Training focuses on: Preparation and Initial Actions When Responding to Crime Scenes; Crime Scene Management and Narrative Description; Crime Scene Approach, Survey, and Planning; Physical Evidence Search, Collection, Evaluation, Prioritization, and Documentation; Photographing, Note Taking and Sketching; and Conducting a Final Survey Prior to Release of the Scene. Participants will demonstrate their mastery of these skills in a final course exercise where they will work as teams to process mock terrorism crime scenes.

About DECO:   DECO is a privately held global provider of training, security solutions, and specialized technical services to clients throughout the world.  Since 1986, DECO has supported programs at the tactical, operational, and strategic level worldwide often in challenging environments. They bring a flexible and adaptable organizational framework to reliably deliver global support to countries and organizations worldwide. DECO’s performance in the field and our operational focus on making the complex appear simple is further supported by our organizational diligence that allows us to apply innovations that support long term sustainability, to maintain continuous flexibility in our delivery approach, and to focus all their energies on properly scoping, planning, and executing. Their personnel excel in challenging environments where every action demands strict accountability, situational awareness, and unique knowledge applied from years of leadership.

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