DECO’s core is built on the foundation of ethics and morals.

As an IDS International subsidiary, our core values are the guiding principles for our company, our culture, and our services. We believe that from every level, we need to epitomize these values in all aspects of our business. Each business decision is aligned with our commitment to the highest ethical standards. It is also our belief that performing in an ethical manner is as important as the success we achieve. Our ethics program focuses on compliance, transparency, and integrity. It brings value to our business relationships.


We strive for accountability to our employees, partners, and clients.


Our commitment is for accurate, honest, and consistent communication.


The foundation of our company is rooted in always doing what is right.

Employee Engagement

Our employees are encouraged and empowered to be collaborative, innovative, and successful.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we are delivering superior quality mission-critical services and solutions to each of our clients.  We believe our strong ethics and morals are vital to providing superior service and achieving excellence. We apply these core values to each area of our business from our employees, partners, and clients.


Our mission is to empower our employees to make the right choices in all circumstances. DECO’s culture creates an environment to ensure our employees are comfortable raising questions or concerns without fear of repercussion.  To aid our employees, customers, and partners, we maintain a hotline open to all.  To reach our ethics and compliance department, please contact Ethics Reporting.

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